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S.E.R. Foundation presents Award for `Global Mediation Diplomacy´ to the President of the General Assembly, His Excellency Nassir Abdelaziz Al-Nasser. The S.E.R. Foundation was honored to award the President of the General Assembly for his four-fold visionary initiatives in Enhancing Peace through Mediation.

Josefine Brecht presenting PGA H.E. Al-Nasser the Award

As the first high ranking person to be awarded with the Award for Global Mediation Diplomacy, he highlighted in an outstanding way, how the ideal of reconciliation through mediation in a practical and very efficient way serves the development of our world’s societies and possibly provides tools to face present challenges like migration, water shortages etc.

PGA H.E. Al-Nasser accepting the Award.JPG

The award was handed over after a short laudatio at the end of the Informal High Level Meeting of the General Assembly on "The Role of Member States in Mediation" on 23 May 2012.

Felicitas Hoffmann holding the S.E.R. laudatory speech on H.E. Al-Nasser.jpg

The worldwide continuous engagement of the S.E.R. Foundation for reconciliation and peace resulted in obtaining the higher consultative status 'special' with the Economic and Social Council of the UN (ECOSOC) in 2008, after having been in consultative status 'roster' since 2003.
The association with DPI (Department of Public Information) subsists since 2006. In 2008 the Foundation became a member of the NGO Committee on UNICEF. Representatives are dispatched to the UN in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

Romulo V. Tajon with Secretary General Ban Kimoon Romulo V. Tajon and Secretary General Ban Kimoon

By attending UN conferences and by co-operation with UN departments and NGOs, the S.E.R. Foundation seeks ways to spread and implement objectives of the United Nations through the focus on reconciliation. Therefore it presents exemplary projects for the advancement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), composes statements and presents them to expert panels or in conferences. It highlights different aspects of reconciliation together with partner organisations in workshops and awards prizes to outstanding projects in the field of reconciliation, in continuance of the International Year of Reconciliation of the United Nations. At different places in the world it organizes roundtables or forums on various perspectives of reconciliation.

You will find information on the international activities or the S.E.R. Foundation in the near future under www.ser-foundation.org.