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Sponsored projects
Child when painting, Picture: Birgit Küster Picture: Birgit Küster

S.E.R. Kinderhilfe e.V. Wesel D

Die S.E.R Kinderhilfe e.V. is a non-profit initiative for after-school child care and promotion of 40 children and adolescents from different social, religious and cultural background. It's the objective to organize recreational activities to raise creativity, tolerance, self-esteem and joie de vivre.

Holy Child Program HCP, Beit Sahour PNA

HCP is a therapeutic school in the vicinity of Bethlehem within the autonomous palestinian territory. There, severely traumatized children, Christians as well as Muslims, are taken care of therapeutically and supported individually. The children experience healing and a new chance to develop their personality. The goal is the re-integration into a public school class.

Teatro La Luna, Cordoba, Argentina

In a slum of Cordoba, the Teatro La Luna takes care of 25 street children. The children learn to express themselves through acting and other creative activities. To reawaken their strength and their potential to find new paths for their personal development, their cultural and spiritual roots are fortified. These city kids from Cordoba have the opportunity to exchange with children from the School of Arts in the countryside near Cosquin.

Dar Al Kalima, Bethlehem, PNA

The Dar Al Kalima School in Bethlehem/PNA is a Christian school, where 240 students, Muslims and Christians, girls and boys are taught together. The children are additionally supported with supplementary activities in the fields of sport, arts and music. It is the goal to offer them a comprehensive education during the difficult day-to-day life behind the wall.


KiMuKu is a project where children from different countries and cultures have the opportunity to encounter one another and become acquainted. The language that unites them is the language of music and theatre, since music is the language of the heart, which is understood by everyone. So far camps have taken place in 2004 and 2005.

Tatutsi Marrakwarri, Sierra Madre, Mexico

The director Barbara Sackl has founded a theatre project with the autonomous Native American School "Tatutsi Marrakwarri". Young Huichelos, between 14 and 20 years, perform their indigenous myths in annual theatre courses. By doing so they discover their spiritual and cultural heritage and are given back up for their living conditions and supported in their personal development.