Picture: Kristina Jentzsch Picture: Kristina Jentzsch

The Foundation considers reconciliation as a general principle for human development on all levels. Reconciliation comprises all areas in our lives such as: health, environment, social activities and education, economy, religion, culture, science, and politics. Reconciliation starts with us and spreads out to our families, friends and neighbours, includes our work, as well as the relationships between organizations and companies at a national and international level.

The S.E.R. Foundation especially advocates reconciliation and understanding among nations, so that the vision "One World - One Soul" is practically realized and becomes tangible in day-to-day life more often.

Against this background the S.E.R. Foundation brought forward several resolutions. Between 2005-2008 it organized a worldwide reconciliation week, taking place every year. Since 2009, the year that the UN proclaimed the "International Year of Reconciliation", it has organized a network for reconciliation with an invitation to continue with the Reconciliation Year.

By attending UN conferences and by co-operating with UN departments and NGOs the S.E.R. Foundation seeks ways to spread and execute the objectives of the United Nations through the focus on reconciliation. Therefore it presents exemplary projects for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), highlights different aspects of reconciliation, together with partner organisations, in workshops, and awards prizes to outstanding projects in the field of reconciliation in continuance of the International Year of Reconciliation of the United Nation. It organizes roundtables at different places in the world on various perspectives of reconciliation.