Resolution for Peace

In the year 2000 the S.E.R. Foundation drew up a resolution to promote peace in Israel/Palestine and invoked the United Nations to declare the sacred sites in Jerusalem to be the spiritual heritage of the entire human race and to administer and supervise them.

Resolution for peace (pdf)
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Resolution to introduce a worldwide UN Reconciliation Day

In 2004 the S.E.R Foundations submitted a resolution to the United Nations for the introduction of a worldwide UN Reconciliation Day. At the following 57. DPI/NGO UN Conference in New York "Global Reconciliation" was presented as an activating principle to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

Resolution Reconciliation Day (pdf)

Resolution for a NGO Department at the United Nations

The involvement of civil society into solution processes which challenge the world community has increasingly gained importance within the UN. To concentrate the activities of the NGOs, which now may act within sections adhered and managed by several UN departments, and in order to strengthen an autonomous, joint representation of interests, the Foundations submitted a draft of a resolution in 2007, calling for the creation of an independent department of NGOs at the UN.
Hereby, co-equality as well as the vital necessity for a representation of the world's civil society beside world´s governments would be elucidated.

Resolution for NGO Department (pdf)