Reconciliation Networking

Reconciliation Years
In 2006 the General Assembly of the United Nations explicitly stated that reconciliation processes are particularly necessary and urgent in countries and regions of the world having suffered, or which are suffering, from situations of conflict that have affected and divided societies in their various internal, national and international facets and therefore decided to proclaim 2009 the International Year of Reconciliation (A/61/L.22).

As the S.E.R. Foundation's activities focus on reconciliation, the Foundation initiated an "Action Plan" for the Reconciliation year 2009. In accordance with the wide understanding of reconciliation, the Action Plan of the Foundation encompassed various fields of life and society; Action Plan 2009

For the projects that were registered on the webpage of S.E.R's affiliated organisation, Global Balance, see

Documentation of the Reconciliation Year 2009:
Evaluation of Projects 2009 (pdf)
Compilation of Documents 2009 (pdf, 31MB)

Reconciliation Award 2009

In August 2010 in a public event, the Foundation awarded the reconciliation projects of 12 organisations from 8 countries with a certificate and a prize as model peace makers. Guest of honour and speaker was Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace, Mr. Wilfried Lemke. The prizes were donated by the partner organisation Global Balance. Reconciliation Award 2009 Reconciliation Award Ceremony, awardees with Special Adviser Mr. W. Lemke, 4th form left, upper row

Further Reconciliation Years

Since the International Reconciliation Year 2009, the S.E.R. Foundation perpetuates the Reconciliation Year by an annual invitation to submit current reconciliation projects.
For more information and downloads see, and as well,

Documentation of the Reconciliation Year 2010 (pdf)