Reconciliation & Peace


S.E.R. Foundation Germany fosters projects which stand up for understanding and peace between different cultures and faiths. It thereby respects the uniqueness of each individual and esteems the diversity of different spiritual and cultural paths.

Neve Shalom / Wahat al Salam, Israel

NS/WS is a village in the vicinity of Latroun, which has been built and inhabited by Jews and Arabs, Christians, and Muslims respectively. This village is known far beyond the borders of Israel as an example of how equality of different religions and cultures can be practised with dignity. The village has its own peace school, a bi-national, bilingual village school, a youth club, a house of silence and a guesthouse.

Convent/Monastery Mar Gabriel, Tur Abdin, Turkey

40 pupils live at the monastery Mar Gabriel and are tutored in their syrian-orthodox culture. The hymns of their liturgy are preserved in the old christian language Aramaic. In their day-to-day life the oriental Christians seek a peaceful life together with the Muslims. The S.E.R. Foundation Germany supports the school with an annual salary for a teacher of religion.

S.E.R. Elijah-Projekt , Israel/PNA

In seminars for personality development, awareness training and health care, people in Bethlehem PNA and in Israel are trained in ways and methods of achieving harmony with themselves, nature and their fellow men. Thereby the desire emerges to advocate for reconciliation and peace in their environment as well as in society.